Nursing Administration

The department is quite large in terms of human resources.The numerical figure stands at 286 professional nurses,a considerable percentage of the total workforce of the hospital.



The nursing administrator at the helms of affairs,known as the Head of department (HOD) is in the person of Mrs. Okelola M.T. JP(FWCN). Complementing her efforts in the co-ordination of the department is the Apex Chief Nursing Officer, Mrs. Olowokere E.O. (FWCN).  She,under the  control of the overall head of department along with other able nurse administrators (Chief Nursing Officers) ensure the effective functioning of the department



Elevating the institution to an enviable state in the mental health sector, through the rendering of qualitative and patient centred nursing care



To provide holistic, patient centered nursing care and services through motivated professional nursing staff;and elevate nursing practice to internationally accepted standard through research based practice and comprehensive implementation of the nursing process




Preserving the patients’ dignity, restoring his self esteem and independence and protecting  him from illegal exploitation irrespective of socio-cultural status




The department is organized into various units for the purpose of efficacy and effectiveness.  Each unit is being headed by

Psychotherapy Unit

Harvey Road Community Clinic

Child and Adolescent Unit

Oshodi Annexe

Marinho, Ordia and Borofka Unit

Drug Rehabilitation Unit

Betta Johnson I & II Unit

M3 & F3 Unit

M4 & F4 Unit

Alabi Oyebode Ward

Electroconvulsive Therapy Unit

Nursing Education unit





The department runs a 24-hour 3 shift-system which is segmented in the following order:  8am– 3pm; 2pm – 8pm and 8pm – 8am

Services provided during this period include:

        24 hours nursing care of hospitalized patients
      Psycho education, counseling and general health education
       Assessment of all old and new cases for diagnostic purpose.
        Nursing management of psychiatric emergencies
        Daily nursing care of children and adolescent on out-patient basis
        Clinic services for adults on out-patient basis

        Nursing management and rehabilitation of substance abusers
      General nursing care/services to hospital staff and members of the
        Domiciliary nursing services.