The Clinical Service Unit of the Hospital made sufficient progress during the period under review. The Unit is saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the Mental Health Services which is the core goal and objective of the Clinical Service Unit and Training of Resident Doctors.

The Medical Unit is divided into the following Sub-Units


Forensic Unit:      The Forensic Unit is a specialized branch of Psychiatry which deals with the assessment and treatment of mentally disordered offenders in prisons, secure hospitals and the community. It requires sophisticated understanding of the interface between mental health and the law.


Geriatric Unit: This Unit is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic mental health issues/disorder in adults and the elderly. The Unit also provides diagnosis and treatment of Neurological disorder with behavioural components in adult and older adults.

The Unit performs activities such as Ward round, Outpatient Clinic for the elderly and general adult Psychiatry.


Sleep Disorder Clinic: Sleep Disorder Unit is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the ability to sleep well on a regular basis. Sleep disorder could be caused by either Health problem or too much stress, hectic schedules and other outside influences.


Amenity/BJ II/ Community Department:          The Amenity Unit of the Medical department caters for Clients who desired to be seen more privately and want services rendered quickly.


Emergency Unit: The Emergency Unit provides essential services including information and enquiries about available services in the hospital, registration of new Patients, Emergency Clinical Services, Social Work Services, Laboratory/Diagnostic Services and Long Term Treatment Services which range from admission at the observation Unit to full Ward admission.


The Consultants are in charge of the above listed Sub-Units as well as ensure proper supervision of the Resident Doctors on Training. The Resident doctors partake in Neurology and Consultation liaison posting at Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

The Unit ensures the overall improvement of health of Nigerians through the following strategic pillars and priority areas of the National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP)II. The strategic pillars are as follows

  1. Enabling environment for attainment of Health sector goals
  2. Increase utilization of essential package of Health services
  3. Strengthening Health systems and protection from health emergencies as well as health financing
  4. To strengthen the Management Health System particularly to deliver effective, accessible, efficient, equitable, affordable, acceptable and comprehensive healthcare services to all Clients.
  5. To provide quality and affordable healthcare devices to Citizens with no financial burdens attached.


In line with the National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) II to provide an enabling environment for attainment of Health sector goals and increase utilization of essential package of Health service, the Hospital Management sponsored Twelve (12) Resident Doctors to undergo Revision Course in Psychiatry organized by the West African College of Physician (WACP) between 5th -16th August 2019 at UCH Ibadan, Oyo State.

Also, to achieve the above stated plan, the Hospital Management Organized Colombo UTC Training which came up every Three (3) months (quarterly) in the year at the Total Diagnostic Centre of the hospital.


Processes of Admission and Observation at the Emergency Unit

The inpatient facilities in the Emergency Unit is called “Observation Ward”

Observation Ward is situated close to the Nursing station in the Emergency Unit to ensure close observation of Patients.

Patients with moderate cases of mental illness may be offered short term admission in the observation Unit usually not exceeding 72hours. The aim is to stabilize such Patients quickly and return them to the Outpatient Clinic for follow-up management.