NameMr Adeyinka Antwi
Position: Director Admin

: Admin

Work Rate: 24 Hours
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Department of Administration

The Administration Department of the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba is headed by Mr. Adeyinka A. Antwi a Director of Administration. The Administration Department is the backbone of the hospital and is in charge of the day-to-day running of the hospital. The department ensures seamless communication flow and good working relationship with other departments. The department also ensures prudent use of the hospital’s materials.

The Administration department keeps the hospital staff informed of government policies and ensures continuous education for all staff.

The staff welfare and industrial harmony is another responsibility of the Administration department. The department ensures that the various staff in the hospital are provided good working environment.

The Administration Department also ensures a serene and clean environment of the hospital.

The Administration Department of the hospital comprises of the following Units:

General Administration

General Administration: The Unit takes charge of all official mails, ensures and maintains adequate confidentiality and security of all files and official documents against fire and theft. The Unit also maintains up to date nominal roll of all staff and ensures that the nominal roll is updated at least twice a year.



Personnel Unit: This Unit is charged with the responsibility for recruitment, selection and appointment of staff. Their function also includes the full integration of newly appointed staff into the hospital. Confidential report on performance at work is also kept and up dated by the Unit. It is the duty of the unit to also ensure the career growth, training and development of all staff.



Is the image making unit of the entire hospital. The Unit strives to ensure that the hospital’s public image is protected by managing information disseminated to the public. The unit also handles the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and the National Housing Fund (NHF).


Pensions and Insurance

Pensions and Insurance Unit The Pension Unit ensures timely compilation of retirees and prompt payment of their entitlements while the Insurance arm of the unit oversees the protection of all hospital property through adequate provision of insurance cover of all hospital assets.



Establishment Unit: interprets circulars, gazettes, the scheme of service and the Public Service Rule for the use of the hospital



Maintenance Unit: This unit is sub-divided into Electrical and Civil. The unit maintains all electrical and civil installations in the hospital by ensuring urgent and simple repairs. Weekly routine maintenance of wards and departments is done by the unit.



Transport unit: Maintains the fleet of cars and ambulances. The unit ensures routine servicing of the cars.


Environmental Health

Environmental Health Unit sees to the cleanliness of the whole hospital environs. The unit strives to ensure effective collection and disposal of all waste generated by the hospital.

Other Administrative Units includes;


Procurement Unit: carries out need assessment, does market survey and purchases of hospital needs.


Security Unit: ensures the security of life and properties within the hospital by conducting regular patrol within the premises.



Laundry Unit: sees to the prompt laundry of hospital linens and  Patients bed sheets. The unit also generates IGR for the hospital by washing for outsiders through commercialization of its operation.


Business Ventures Unit: The unit oversees and collects revenue in form of IGR from the following sources: Supermarket, Football Field, Different halls, Laundry, Salon, Social Centre, Crèche, Canteen and Car wash.


Stores: All items purchased by the Procurement Unit, all gifts from NGOs, spirited-individuals philanthropists are kept in the Stores Unit. The Unit also disburses these items to the various users within the hospital.


Crèche: The hospital Crèche was donated by the Lioness Club of Nigeria. The Crèche caters for the needs of the members of staff and the hospital’s immediate environs by rendering quality child care.

Catering Unit

Catering Unit: Provides nourishing well-balanced meals for our Patients.


Information Management Centre: The Unit manages the hospital data, websites, software applications and carries out maintenance check on all computer systems. The unit also offers computer training for staff and Patients.