The World Sleep day is an annual event hosted by the World sleep society on the last Friday in March before spring. It is aimed at celebrating sleep and raising awareness of the importance of sleep disorder and the burden they place on the society.

As much as 45% of the world’s population have experienced threat to their health and quality of life as a result of sleep problems. About 35% of the people have also reported not getting enough sleep, and this impacts both their physical and mental health. Despite these problems, only less than one-third of these sufferers seek professional help.

For the year 2018, it fell on March 16 and it had the slogan “JOIN THE SLEEP WORLD; PRESERVE YOUR RHYTHM TO ENJOY LIFE’. This focus was to raise awareness about the importance of circadian rhythms in healthy sleep.

At the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, this event was celebrated on the 21st of March 2018 in conjunction with Vitafoam Plc. The importance of the circadian rhythm was discussed and tips on how to preserve the rhythm suggested. These include ensuring regular bed and wake times (even on weekends), limit napping during the day, exposure to bright outdoor light in the mornings, and lastly avoid heavy meals, caffeine, alcohol and stimulating activities close to bedtime.

Present at the event were members of the Top Management Committee of the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Yaba, led by the Medical Director, Dr. O. C. Ogun, while the management team from Vitafoam was led by the acting Group Managing Director. Dr. Adeoye Adefemi presented the keynote address as the head of sleep disorders unit of the hospital. There was also an official handover of donated bed and mattresses from the Vitafoam group to the hospital’s laboratory.


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