This was recently established with the following objective in mind:

  • Developing various educational programmes for the nursing personnel
  • Organising seminars and workshop for all cadre of nurses.
  • Implementation of nursing research
  • Updating the knowledge of nurses in modern skills and technology (I.T)
  • Periodic review of procedure book with the purpose of updating it to internationally acceptable standard
  • Orientation and induction of newly employed nurses
  • Identifying training needs for nurses
  • Organizing lectures and clinical postings for student nurses and student nurse tutors on orientation course
  • Induction of nurses after special training e.g. post basic training
  • Organizes clinical meetings, with the objectives of providing clinical information on current trends in nursing and to ensure quality care delivery to the patients
  • Organises continuing educational programme, as well as seminal / workshop for nursing staff and hospital orderlies
  • Organising induction course for the newly recruited nursing staff for proper integration into the services
  • Organising clinical lectures and monitoring the Basic and Post basic Nursing students on clinical posting to the hospital
  • Advocate and teaches evidence based nursing practices