These are special units and integral part of Department of Nursing Services in Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba.

The units have special functions that are essential to the effective functioning and astounding performance of the department.

The units are headed by an Assistant Director  Nursing Services (ADNS) Mrs Okoro V. under general supervision of Deputy Director Nursing Services (DDNS) Mrs Oyerinde.



This is one of the most important unit in psychiatric hospital setting, as it is a unique intervention solely use in psychiatric setting to treat acute psychotic symptoms or emergency case in psychiatry when medications or other therapeutic interventions seems not to be working / effective.

ECT is a physical therapy in which electrodes are placed on either side of the head in other to pass electric current in controlled voltage to induce therapeutic seizure in other to modify behaviour or relief psychotic features.It is a procedure used to treat severe depression.

It may be use in people who have symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, or suicidal thoughts or when other treatments such as psychotherapy and antidepressant medicines have not worked.

Two types of ECT are performed in FNPH, Yaba and they are Modified and Straight

MODIFIED ECT; is performed using short term anaesthesia and muscle relaxant to modify and reduce the seizures induced by the passage of electrical current into lobes

STRAIGHT ECT; is performed without the use of either muscle relaxant or anaesthesia. Anticholinergic only given to counter the cholinergic reaction to the therapy



  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Anaesthesiologist / Anaesthetic Nurse
  1. Accompanying Nurses
  2. Crisis intervention team members



  1. Preparation and titeration of ECT machine, suction machine and oxygen apparatus
  2. Preparation of medications use during the procedure
  1. Liaise and coordinate the activities of the team while the procedure last
  2. Assess the preparedness of the patient for the procedure and ensure all the modalities are met
  3. Take pre vital signs and monitor the patient while the procedure last


Is a service unit of the hospital responsible for providing guaranteed sterile equipment / instruments to all the clinical area of the hospital for immediate use in patients care.

The CSSD plays a vital role in patient safety and in reducing hospital acquired infection. The unit receives, disinfect, sterilizes, stored and distributes.


  1. Promotes better patient care by providing prompt and accurate service.
  2. Provides supplies of sterile packs, instruments, and other sterile items that are required on the wards
  1. Monitoring and enforcing measures essential in prevention of cross infection among the patients and staff according to infection control policies of the hospital.